Stack, Cut, & Shuffle, and ‘Quilted’ Designer Paper!

Hey, did you catch my FB Live last Friday? I’ve added the link below just in case you missed it! All of my FB Lives are uploaded to my YouTube Channel: Donna’s Creative Space if you missed any! You can click on the video link below to watch my latest! In this video, I did a version of the Stack, Cut, & Shuffle technique. In my quilting days we called it Stack & Whack! You can use as many pieces of Designer Paper mats for this technique too! I used 2 pieces of coordinating designer paper from the Rings of Love DSP pack. This is a FREE pack of paper that you can earn with a $50 order during Sale-A-Bration (sale ends at the end of August!)

Stack, Cut, & Shuffle Designer Paper Technique!

You can watch how I did this in my video, but here are the basics! All measurements are in inches!

I used 2 pieces of coordinating Designer Paper and cut them both to 4 x 5-1/4 mats. (This will make 2 beautiful cards. If you want to make 4, use 4 pieces of DSP).

You’ll also need 2 pieces of Basic White 4 x 5-1/4 mats.

Stacking & Cutting: I took my DSP mats, and I Stacked them up, and put them vertically in my paper trimmer. I cut them (both at the same time) at 2-1/2. I slipped the ‘pile’ on the right off to the side. Took the pile on the left and rotated it to the left once to make it horizontal, then cut at 3 inches. Carefully set these two sections aside back into their original position before cutting them (vertically). I took the thinner pile that I set aside earlier, rotated it left so that it was positioned horizontally in my paper trimmer, and cut at 2 inches. Took those two cuts and put them next to the others so they were positioned back in the pile as if the 2 pieces of DSP were never cut! So that’s the Stacking and Cutting Portion!

Now we have to Shuffle! Going clockwise from top left of the pile, top left section being pile #1, and to the right will be pile #2, then below that will be pile #3, and to it’s left, pile #4. Leave pile #1 alone. On pile #2, take the 1st piece of DSP and moved it underneath the pile. Pile #3, take the 1st piece move it underneath, then take the 2nd piece and move that underneath as well. Pile #4, take the 1st piece move it underneath, then take the 2nd piece and move that underneath, and lastly take the 3rd piece and move that underneath! Your pile should now have a different piece of DSP in each of the 4 sections.

Re-assembling the DSP mats! After I Stacked, Cut, and Shuffled my 2 pieces of Designer Paper. I went in order, section #1 through #4, and adhered them to a 4 x 5-1/4 basic white mat. Always take the top piece of DSP in each section as you go. I used multi-purpose liquid glue to adhere my pieces because it gives you a little wiggle room to re-assemble them back into a 4 x 5-1/4 shape on the white mat.

The ‘Quilting’ (die cutting): The fun part was to run each of these assembled mats through my Cut & Emboss machine using the Stitched Greenery Die. This die doesn’t cut apart any shapes, but it cuts a design into your paper. This gives it the great stitching to make it look quilted! You can go ahead an decorate your card front any way you’d like. The star of this card is the mat that you’ve created and ‘quilted’!!!

I hope you enjoyed my video and will try this great technique! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you’re watching!

Thanks for Watching!

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